• Weekend- Fun
    This weekend I did a lot of fun stuff. Friday night i went over to Aaron and Ali's  because mom and dad had a party to go to. Ali came to pick up Oliver because we were watching him that day. First
  • Monday
  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler was born as Vlad III Dracula in the Sighișoara Citadel of Sighișoara, Transylvania, in 1431. In Romania, where Transylvania is now a region instead of its own country, the locals r
  • Essential Oils
    Today Angelica's mom came to our school to teach us about essential oils.  We started out by just talking about how they work. She also told us story about her dad. Then we got go make some oils
  • Robot Challenge 1
    Now that we have the robots, here is your first challenge. #1 I am going to setup a 2ft x 4ft course on a piece of butcher paper. In the four corners of the course there will be a large X. You nee
  • Friday
    Tonight is FFAW from 6:30-8:009-10 Get to know essential oils with Amanda GivensChemistry cooking has been postponed due to so many students being out todayRead "Gone Girl" pp. 1-30Writing assignment
  • Chemistry : Bread Making Lab Postponed
    We are going to postpone our bread making lab today because we have quite a few students out sick. We will try and make it up next week. 
  • Psychology Lecture 3
    Please watch Lecture 3 from Paul Bloom and read this week's readings. We will discuss this on Tuesday, December 11th.  Readings for lecture 3 Gray, Peter. Psychology (5th edition), p
  • Breakfast at IHOP
    Today for breakfast mom Dad Oliver and I went to IHOP. I had pancakes and sausage. Mom had variety of stuff. Dad got Bacon egg in sandwich with has Browns. Oliver had pancakes and eggs. Go to Ihop th
  • Target- Shopping
    Last night after dinner mom dad and I went to target. To get some stuff. We are collecting food for the animal shelters and so I got a couple bags of dog food. Also got my gift for my for my person I
  • Flea Market with Dad
    Yesterday after school dad and I went to a flea market. We looked around. We found some cool stuff. The place Has so many neat booths. I got a rice crispy treat and Dad got some snicker-doodle cookie
  • Persuasive Speech
    Name: Mya Washam Topic: Corporal Punishment Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about the negative effects of corporal punishment on children and introduce alternative methods of disciplin
  • Corporal Punishment Essay
    Mya Washam Dane Galloway ENG 101 18 Nov 2018 Corporal Punishment: Should It Be Legal Corporal punishment is currently legally implemented K-12 in fifteen states in America. Corporal pu
  • Gymnastics- New Coach
    Wednesday I had gymnastics. It was our first class with our new coach. We started out by running 5 laps. Then we had to stretch. Then we went to bars. On bars we did pullovers. Then we went to do bea
  • Lunch With Dad
    Today Dad came to have lunch with me at the sub shop. We each had a ham sandwich with zaps chips. My Dad is the coolest because he can fix anything. He has cool cars. He takes me places and buys me c