calendar runs from 9am-3pm Monday through Friday. Our calendar is designed to roughly coincide with Springfield Public Schools and area colleges/universities so that families can coordinate breaks and students can take classes at area college campuses without too many conflicts.


First day: Aug. 22 (Th)
Labor day:  No School Sep. 2 (M)
Fall Break: No School Oct. 11 (F) – Oct. 14 (M)
Fall Conferences: No School Nov. 4 (M)
Thanksgiving Break: No School Nov. 25 (M) – Nov. 29 (F)
Christmas Break:  No School Dec. 20 (F) – Jan. 3 (F)
MLK Jr:  No School Jan. 20 (M)
President’s Day:  No School Feb. 17 (M)
Teacher Work Day:  No School Mar. 13 (F)
Spring Break:  No School Mar. 16 (M) – Mar. 20 (F)
Professional Development:  No School Apr. 10 (F)
Graduation: May 13 (W) TBD
Last Day: May 15 (F)


First day: Aug. 26 (W)
Labor day:  No School Sep. 7 (M)
Fall Break: No School Oct. 9 (F) – Oct. 12 (M)
Fall Conferences: No School Nov. 6 (F)
Thanksgiving Break: No School Nov. 23 (M) – Nov. 27 (F)
Christmas Break:  No School Dec. 21 (M) – Jan. 2 (M)
MLK Jr:  No School Jan. 18 (M)
President’s Day:  No School Feb. 15 (M)
Teacher Work Day:  No School Mar. 12 (F)
Spring Break:  No School Mar. 15 (M) – Mar. 19 (F)
Professional Development:  No School Apr. 19 (M)
Graduation: May 14 (F)
Last Day: May 14 (F)