Design Your Learning Opportunity From Scratch

Congratulations! You have chosen to design a Learning Opportunity from scratch. 

You are adventurous and brave. You recognize that you are one of a kind. Unique in all the world. You are not afraid to cut your own path in the world. Let’s get started — Adventurer.

At we talk about the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of learning. It is the 5W1H formula.

Every Learning Opportunity can be described using 5W1H. It doesn’t matter if it is big or small, long or short, alone or with others. It has a WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW.

So let’s use that to narrow down our next set of choices. This time you have to select one path out of six choices. You can literally start anywhere. Just start.

Pick one of these paths to begin. (By the way, it is probably a good idea to get out a blank sheet of paper or a notebook to write some things down as we work.)

WHO: Are you driven by someone you want to work with or learn from? (a friend, teacher, expert, community member) Is someone doing something that sounds interesting and you want to join them?

WHAT: Is there a subject you are interested in or want to explore? A specific skill or ability you want to learn? Do you want to get better at something? 

WHEN: Do you have a little extra time you want to fill? Do you want to work intensely on a single thing? 

WHERE: Do you want to learn outside the “walls” of school? Do you want to travel? Do you want to learn online? Do you want an excuse to go the coffee shop or library?

⇨ WHY: Are you curious or intrigued about something? Are you passionate about a topic? Do you want to explore something new? Do you have a goal you are trying to meet? Is something required?

HOW: Do you want to learn by creating something? Do you want to work with your hands? Do you want to lead a project? Do you need deadlines and structure to force yourself to get things done?