When your uncle says, “What are you learning in school?” He is probably referring to a school subject like Math or Science.

At u.school we think that is a pretty limited way of thinking about What is important to learn.

We believe What also includes Habits, especially habits related to the mission of the school, “Growing Self-Directed Learners who are competent, confident, and caring.” We think there are important Habits of Self-Direction, Habits of Competency, Habits of Confidence, and Caring Habits that are worth your time pursuing.

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What can also include important Mindsets to consider. A mindset is a “way of thinking” as in “Think like a Detective” or “Think like an Artist”. We categorize these “ways of thinking” under Creative Mindset, Societal Mindset, Empirical Mindset, and Quantitative Mindset.

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Finally, to keep your uncle happy we also can think about What in terms of Content. These can be similar to traditional school subjects. But we don’t want you to limit your thinking. Feel free to combine content areas, go super deep into content, or think of content topics that go beyond even these. To start you out we list a number of content areas below.

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