Why limit ourselves to the four walls of a classroom or a school building or even a campus? Why not go out into the world to learn?

Where do you want to learn?

Do you want to learn outside of school? Do you want to learn in nature? Do you want to travel somewhere? Do you want to learn online? Do you want an excuse to go to the library or the coffee shop? Do you want to learn on the job? Do you want to learn in a lecture hall? Do you want to learn at home?

Some Examples:

  • I am tired of being in the same space. Can I do something where I am out in the community or visiting different places instead of sitting here all of the time?
  • Can we plan a trip to another city? Maybe we can do like a museum or visit a college campus or find another school like ours to visit?
  • I like working at the coffee shop for part of the day. Is it ok if I plan on going there a couple of times a week to do my journal?

Did one of these suggestions trigger any ideas? Write it down in your notebook.

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