You have selected to explore WHO to learn with.

Humans are social creatures. We learn from each other, with each other, near each other. We learn together. We learn alone.

WHO asks you to think about your Learning Opportunity and how it relates to other people.

Think about these questions and write down in your notebook any ideas that come to you…

Do you want to work with a specific person? Maybe a friend, colleague, or classmate? Is there a teacher or particular expert you want to learn from?  Is there a family member you want to interview, learn from, talk with? You don’t necessarily have to know this person. They could be an author, a YouTuber, a long dead scientist. 

📓 🖋  If you have a person in mind, write them down on your paper.

Do you want to learn alongside other people? People your own age? People who  similar interests as you? Do you want to learn in person with them? Do you want to learn online with other people? Do you want to learn in a small group? As part of a large gathering? Do you want to be a part of a team?

📓 🖋  If you think you want to learn alongside other people, write it down on your paper. Be as specific as you can. 

Do you want to work with people in the community? Maybe at a job or internship? Maybe helping people in need? Maybe learning from a boss or mentor? Maybe performing or playing a sport? Maybe in a club or an organization of some type. 

📓 🖋  If this sound right. Write it down. Be specific. 

Do you want to work with younger people? In a classroom? As a mentor or guide? As a coach or instructor? Do you want to create something for a younger audience? 

📓 🖋  Write down your answer and be specific.

Do you want to learn from an expert? Do you want to find someone who knows a particular topic, skill, or habit? An author, an artist, a teacher. Do you want to shadow someone on a job? Do you want to research what path people take to become an expert in a particular area? Would you like to meet with an expert, interview an expert, hear from an expert?

📓 🖋  If this is triggering some ideas, write them down (and be specific)

Do you want to work alone? There is nothing wrong with working by yourself. Some of the greatest thinkers in history did their best work on their own. 

📓 🖋  If you would like to go it alone. Write it down.

Do you want to learn in a group or team? Maybe you would like to be a part of a small group, team, or squad all working together towards a common goal. Scientists, sports teams, rock bands, businesses, super heroes and more use this method. 

📓 🖋    If you want to be a part of a group. Write it down. Be specific. 

Now that you have gone into some detail about your WHO, let’s plow ahead.

Pick one of these.