u.school At Home

This is a guide for doing u.school at home. The basic model to follow is:

Do Something

Reflect on that something

Record that something

It should be pretty easy to continue to follow the u.school model of learning while at home. Of course, the stuff we do while together at school is going to be a bit trickier to pull off but it doesn’t mean you can’t still learn things using the resources around you.

Starting with Monday, March 23rd we are going to ask you to use our DS Worksheet to plan and record your week. The full instructions are below but the big picture overview is.

Monday : Make a personal copy of the DS Worksheet.

Monday: Plan out 25 hours of stuff for your week

Monday – Friday: Do Stuff (including reflecting and recording on Headrush)

Friday: Go back to the worksheet and update it to show what you actually did.